Video Vixen – Karrine Steffans

Hey Everyone, this is my first blog posting for a couple of years on my brand new blog. More to come and hope you enjoy!

I was in Borders bookstore in Canary Wharf, London last weekend. I went into buy “Hotel Babylon”, which of course did buy. However was drawn also to the bargain section – “All books for £1”. Flicking through it I found a book that I had previously looked at in other stores – “Confessions of a Video Vixen” by Karrine Steffans. Karrine Steffans was a model and video girl, but now is an aurthor and owns her own publishing company. Check out her website:

This book is actually a very good read, very informative and a great insight into the life of a woman wanting to make it in life. I am currently halfway through the book and already there have been mentions of Kool G Rap, Ja Rule, Ice T, Fred Durst, and Dr Dre, and her encounters with them.

It is an easy read and well worth the time. I will probably finish it off this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Video Vixen – Karrine Steffans

  1. It was Books etc. !



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