Trials of TQ – Cash Money!!

TQ has been publishing fortnightly stories on about his time in the music business. The first episode looked at his time on Epic for the first 2 albums (“They Never Saw Me Coming” and “The Second Coming”); the second episode introduced his first few months with Cash Money Records; and this 3rd episode is about Cash Money and his experiences whilst there. Some crazy stuff about Lil’ Wayne and Baby!

Check it out on the link below and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Trials of TQ – Cash Money!!

  1. TQ is the shit to me!!!! He had the west coast on lock for a while with that single “westside”. I am a huge gangter R and B fan and he has to be one of my favorites, and really to me, he is under-rated!! His latest album paradise was tight and I can’t wait to hear his new single!!!

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