Absolutely Amazing Performance by Jay-Z at Glastonbury

Jay-Z has just completed his headline performance at Glastonbury, with a couple of hundred thousand people in attendence at the Pyramid stage.  The performance was absolutely breathtaking, amazing, incredible.  There was so much energy.  He did the whole performance by himself and a live band, apart from on a few tracks which featured Memphis Bleek (as the hype man).  Seriously, Jay-Z’s performance was truly incredible!

He has proved so many people and fellow artists (such as Oasis’ Noel Gallagher – who has acheived nothing at all compared to Jay-Z) wrong here in the UK by putting in one of the greatest performances of all time here at Glastonbury, and has educated the ignorent people of the importance of hip hop music and the culture.  Jay-Z even started his performance and entered the stage singing “Wonderwall” to get back at Gallagher’s slurs.  Go Jigga man!

BBC iPlayer will be showing a repeat of Jay-Z’s 3 hour stint onstage which featured material from his 10 studio albums.

I took some screen shots of the performance and have posted them here.  I hope you enjoy, and be sure to check out a repeat of the performance on www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer You won’t regret it!


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