Keane returns to Spurs!

Great news today if you are a Tottenham Hotspur fan with the return of Robbie Keane to the club after leaving 6 months ago for Liverpool back in July 2008.  Robbie Keane signed for Liverpool in July for £20.3 million.  Spurs have signed Keane today back for £12 million – plus a few million added on over the period of his contract.  However I doubt that these add ons will reach more than £3 million.

So, the owners of Liverpool FC (Gillett and Hicks) are supposedly good businessmen, how have they managed to Keaneaccept the fact that they have just written off £8.3 million in 6 months on a world class player? – an immediate loss of £8.3 million, plus a couple of million pounds in wages for Keane since July.  It just doesn’t make good business sense!  Not for Liverpool anyway.  For Spurs, Harry Redknapp and Daniel Levy have done some excellent business and Spurs will profit greatly from Keane’s leadership and excellent footballing qualities.

I often question the people at the top of football clubs who are making all these important financial decisions on buying and selling players – the Robbie Keane transfers over the last 6 months highlights this perfectly and I am sure I am not the only person questioning George Gillett’s and Tom Hicks’ business qualities.  I am sure some Liverpool fans are also very confused not just with the owners but also with Rafa Benitez and his footballing decisions in leaving Keane out of the team on many ocassions.


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