Chris Brown assault on Rihanna

How disgraceful is it that Chris Brown has assualted Rihanna?  I don’t particularly like Chris Brown as an artist, and I now don’t like the person.  How can someone harm Rihanna?  She is such a sweet person.

New details have surfaced about the assault that happened in LA on 7 Feb just before the Grammy’s.  Chris Brown was seen punching Rihanna with his fists and also biting her.  The person that made the 911 call heard Rihanna screaming.  Bite marks (on arms and fingers), cut lips and bruises are amongst the injuries.

Brown was released on $50k bail, and all marketing communications for Wrigley that featured Brown has bee suspended!

He is just a young boy and needs to learn to respect people!

You can find further information on TMZ and


One thought on “Chris Brown assault on Rihanna

  1. this whole situation is shocking, especially since Rihanna and Chris Brown seemed like such a perfect couple

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