Coffee Shop Brands – How do they compare? If they were a car…

I am a big coffee fan, but when I say that I don’t mean that I drink 20 coffees a day.  I usually start with one at the start of the day – strong, black, one sugar.

In the UK we have three main chains:  Caffe Nero, Starbucks, Costa Coffee.Coffee

I personally only go to Caffe Nero and they have done very well at creating loyalty through their loyalty card.  But they have also differentiated very well and created a relaxing and authentic Italian atmosphere, with an excellent selection of quality coffee products and pastries.  There tagline is: “The Best Coffee this side of Milan”, and I would agree!  They have recently expaneded into Turkey which is a very good strategic move as this is a big coffee drinking nation, but no large chains (i.e. Starbucks) really have a dominating presence.

If Caffe Nero was a car, to me it would be an Alfa Romea – great quality, very comfortable, different but authentic.

Costa Coffee is also quite authentic and the product seems good too.  I rank Costa as just behind Nero – this is the place I would go if I was desperate for a coffee and Nero wasn’t near by.  The atmosphere is relaxed .

If Costa was a car, to me it would be a Volkswagen – good quality and exactly what you expect.

Starbucks feels like an artificial, manufactured brand that is there to appeal to the masses who just want a normal product at a normal price – you know you will get an average product.  The atmosphere of the coffee shops are very “plastic” and dirty – almost like a McDonalds!  You also have lots of screaming kids… really not a place I want to be!

I don’t really have much to say about Starbucks – If Starbucks was a car, to me it would be a Ford – an okay product and you may have some complaints.


5 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Brands – How do they compare? If they were a car…

  1. I agree with you on starbucks. It is insanely expensive and very rich for your stomach. The flavors are good but totally not needed for those who just want some coffee. Personally , I like to make it at home. Fresh and free. When I do buy my coffee , I never buy American , not saying that American coffee is not good. When I have to buy American coffee , I buy Folgers. The coffee I like is called Pilon. It is a latin American coffee. It’s cheap , strong , and good. Most latinos use it to make cafe con leche and espresso. It’s worth totally worth it.

    • Thanks for your comment. Interesting stuff about your thoughts on coffee! In the UK we have different brands. I would love to try the latin American coffee someday!!

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  3. Completely agree about Starbucks and I don’t like there mugs either. Nero shades it for me as they provide chilled water and surely most people are thirsty and can’t wait for their coffee to cool.Random thought – am i the only one who feels awkward if they decline a pastry?

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