twitterI have heard so much about Twitter over the last few months that I thought I should join and see what it is all about – yes, I guess I am in the early / late adopters section of the Innovation Curve!

So “What are you doing?”  This is what it is all about! I today noted that I am listening to the John Legend album, and people who also like John Legend I suppose will be finding me on the site and linking to me / commenting on my status.  Therefore engagement, creating relations and networking is what it is all about.

For brands and corporations this could be an extremely lucrative opportunity, but only if Twitter avoids charging companies to join the site – as I think that companies will look elsewhere for engagement opportunities.  Briefly, if used effectively, Twitter help a company acheive the following:

– Help reduce negative word of mouth of a brand, corporation, product or service.

– Compliment brand development and brand building strategies, by engaging with your target audience, customer, consumer or fans.

– Assist with creating a strong / positive perception of a product or service.

So, what are you doing???!!

Go to:


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