Weighing up

RyanairRyanair have been making the headlines this month (through articles on guardian.co.uk) with news of the european budget airline announcing that passengers will be able to make mobile phone calls whilst in the air, only online check-in by end of 2009, and also the £30 surcharge if you can’t fit your duty-free shopping into your one piece of hand luggage.  This is to remove the instances where flyers exceed allowed weight and where for example one passenger wanted to board the plane with what equated to 5 items of hand luggage!  So as a deterrent it seems like a great idea, and beneficial for Ryanair in the sense that the heavier the aircraft the more it costs to fly due to increased burning of fuel. They need to protect their profits.

However from a customer perspective this doesn’t add up. If you think about it (and I don’t want to come across as immoral) we all come in different sizes and weight, so even as a physical customer we all impact on the weight of the aircraft.  After all, we are charged extra if we exceed the luggage weight allowance.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be fair to the customer for Ryanair to introduce a price scale which outlines the cost for someone to fly according to their weight?  Or would this be seen as discrimination?


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