Topless – Dr Dre, T.I. and Nas

Dr DreThe most anticipated rap album possibly ever looks like it is going to be even better than anybody hoped, judging from the new joint that has leaked… “Topless” featuring T.I. and Nas.

It sounds like Dr Dre is on the hook and T.I. and Nas do a verse each, though perhaps T.I. may be rapping Dre’s bit.

I am getting really excited from hearing this – Dre continues to evolve sound and raises the bar on the quality of his production.  To me Dr Dre is the greatest producer of all time.

Click here to go through to a imeem page streaming the song.


5 thoughts on “Topless – Dr Dre, T.I. and Nas

  1. Dre is a great producer hands down. Another song writer/producer i’m feelin’ is Steven ‘Static Major’ Garrett. Unfortunately he passed away but his music lives on. He was nominated for three gramies this year, one of them for Lil’ Wayne’s hit single Lolli-pop and luckily he finished his album before this tragedy happened for us to remember him by. It’s called ‘Your Valentine’ and he wrote most off all the tracks and produced it too. He was oin the way to the top and quite possibly could have been just as great as Dr. Dre!!!!

    • I totally agree with you on your comments about Static Major, incredible song writer and producer. He produced a really great song on TQ’s most recent album called Paradise – the lyrics are very powerful.

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  3. Like i need to say this. Dr Dre is the best!

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