Facebook keeps changing…

Over the course of today I have seen many friends profile updates asking why has facebook changed its layout ….. again?!  I ask this question too.  Actually I don’t mind the new layout, it is quite simple and has taken me 5 minutes to work out where everything is.  However, how did Facebook decide that they wanted to change the user interface layout?  And why did they do it when in general people were happy with how it was?

Did they do any userbility testing or research amongst a varying sample of users / potential users?  If they did, why are they not explaining this to us users to let us know why they are changing it, and why it is better than the older version?

These are all questions that you would expect to be given automatic answers or information on with any change to a product or service.

Facebook, I do hope you are listening to your customers…. if you’re not you could be ignoring our wants & needs – therefore not meeting and delivering to our requirements.

Isn’t this basic marketing?  Or are they trying to do all that others do and incorporate what Twitter does?!


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