Time is key

Of course I am conscious of taking your time whilst you read this, but I had the thought today that generally people are time poor and therefore am aware about the amount of time people take doing things in daily lives.  The internet age has proved this especially with the introduction of Facebook and Twitter which helps to keep people in touch over the web, and the introduction and uptake of the smart phone or blackberry – efficiency through email on the move!

More importantly it is essential that the customers time is not wasted, and this could come down to a variety of things…. time in the supermarket queue, experiences of using a website, checking out at a hotel, the quality of music on a CD, airport waiting times.

Companies have worked to help time prescious people with there daily lives:  Self service checkouts have been introduced in supermarkets;  Userbility testing is carried out on websites to ensure that it is quick and easy to use; Non-stop check out has been introduced in hotels;  Online check-in has been introduced by airlines;  Artists are getting closer to their fans and know what they want to hear.

Time is key… we need to work to minimise it to benefit our customers and ensure they have a great experience.


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