Great Interview with Nikki Grier

NikkiI have made a couple of previous postings about Nikki Grier who has completed tracks with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent – she’s extremely talented!!

Nikki was interviewed over the weekend on LA Talk Radio and talked about the album she’s been working on that features two sure to be a smash…. “Incredible” ft. 50 Cent, and “Any Day Now” – both produced by Dr. Dre!

You should really check out the interview – Nikki explains what the songs featured are about! One of my favourite singers ever is Truth Hurts (aka. Shari Watson) and to me Nikki ranks up there with Truth!

*** Click here to go to the audio interview***

Also make sure you check out Nikki on myspace – this is where you’ll hear all her great material:



One thought on “Great Interview with Nikki Grier

  1. Chris you are too kind!!! Thanks so much for all your support, I appreciate it more than you know!MUAH

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