Vodafone failing to engage with consumers? Go T-Mobile?!

Vodafone have done the opposite to the likes of T-Mobile, O2 and Orange over the last few months, they have failed to engage with the consumer.  The campaign by T-Mobile has been really engaging, and O2’s strategy of positioning themselves closely with entertainment events has meant that they too have engaged. On the other hand Vodafone have only used their relationship with McLaren Mercedes F1 team, which is really all about raising brand awareness (which they already have) and utilising relationships with fellow partners of the racing team.  Vodafone are also ending their relationship with the England Cricket team, and its sponsorship of the Epsom Downs racecourse.

Furthermore, in terms of their UK operating profit there has been a decline for Vodafone from close to £800 million down to just over £400 million since 2005.

What can Vodafone do to try and get back on track against T-Mobile, O2 and Orange?  Vodafone need to be more engaging with consumers, and need to adopt a strategy of inspiring people to communicate, and also Vodafone need to look at building a community through their own website or on social networking sites such as Facebook.  Vodafone also need to be seen as less of a corporate big brand and more of a relevant, relaxed and fun brand.

I have been loyal to T-Mobile since 2001, and prior to that was with Vodafone for just 2 years.  T-Mobile have rewarded me significantly for my loyalty over the last 8 years and they have emerged very strong with their engaging ad campaign. It has been talked about gaining extremely high word of mouth and has been shared across websites like Facebook and YouTube.  See the YouTube video for the T-Mobile ad below:


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