Costa Coffee gaining on Starbucks…but is the quality as good as Caffe Nero?

7 out of 10Costa Coffee  have launched an aggressive attempt at taking business away from Starbucks.  Not only are they opening up 100 stores in 2009 in the UK (with Starbucks closing stores throughout the UK), but their latest marketing campaign (a brand comparison) features findings from independent research – that coffee drinkers, “7 out of 10”, preferred the Costa Cappuccino in comparison to Starbucks offering.  By now, from reading this blog you may know that I am a fan of Caffe Nero, so it is therefore amusing that Costa do not mention anything about Caffe Nero’s cappuccino!  Therefore my conclusion is that the Caffe Nero product may have actually faired better than the Starbucks and Costa product on occasions in this research- but of course, the research findings would need to be seen to confirm this!


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