Fat Tax to be introduced by Ryanair

As previously written about on this blog, Ryanair, the low cost airline) now look as if they will follow customer feedback / research and introduce a fat tax for “really large passengers who invade the space of the passengers sitting beside them”.  Ryanair have also said that if introduced the fat tax could be an incentive for the affected passengers to lose weight.

To further make a decision on whether to roll this out Ryanair will be polling visitors of their website, Ryanair.com, on how to charge overweight / obese passengers – which could be either a) a charge per kilo for those passenger over 130kg’s (for men) and 100kg’s (for women), or b) a one off charge if Ryanair passengers waste touches the other armrests.

Instead of a fat tax being introduced, I think Ryanair could follow the lead from US airlines that charge passengers to buy an extra seat if they spill over their space.  We will wait see what Michael O’Leary does!


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