Shirt Sponsorship in Football

Over the last decade shirt sponsorhip market value amongst the top European football leagues has increased from around 200 million Euros to just under 400 million Euros, but is now in a slight decline.  This is mainly because of the downturn in the economy and companies are now looking at alternative ways of spending marketing budgets that can be better justified and more easily and accurately measured in terms of return on investment.

Brands still looking to invest in shirt sponsorship however will go for the biggest and more successful clubs who have large supporter bases, and this leads to the smaller teams struggling to gain sponshorship.

Alternatively clubs can look to improve their perception in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR), such as FC Barcelona who have Unicef on their shirt – for free.

With increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty the main objectives of a brand pursuing shirt sponsorship, it is important that the tie-up is right – and during a downturn loyalty is especially important.  Chelsea FC discovered through research that since their sponsorship deal with Samsung that Chelsea fans started to buy Samsung products over other brands.

Based on this football shirt sponsorship could be a reliable and attractive opportunity if your company is looking to increase customer loyalty.


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