Dr. Dre and Dr Pepper Commercial

I found this Dr Pepper advert/commercial a few months back and just came across it again so thought I would share.  It has Dr. Dre featured in the advert with the campaign strapline being “drink it slow”.  Dr. Dre focuses on the importance of drinking Dr Pepper slowly to get the taste of the 23 different flavours, and then interrupts the DJ playing fast music and plays a track that is apparently off of his upcoming Detox album.

Dre says: “Slow is better” – which I guess is true, take your time, be a perfectionist and you will produce good results!

The tie up with Dr. Dre is a smart one, as it communicates that Dr Pepper is a young, dynamic and urban brand, which I guess is what it is about in terms of its positioning in the Coca-Cola product portfolio.

“Trust me, I’m the Doctor” – communicates that you can trust this brand.


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