Branding for Orange and T-Mobile after Merger

Orange and T-MobileSince news last week of the merger between mobile phone network providers Orange and T-Mobile, I’ve been questioning myself constantly about what they will do with the brands and whether the merger will mean that either of the Orange and T-Mobile brands will go, if they will be combined, or something else!

Both T-Mobile and Orange are extremely strong brands with values attached to them so it would be pointless to remove either.  I would say they should continue to act as individual brands but be positioned slightly differently so that the customer can understand what they get from each.  Both T-Mobile and Orange have huge brand recall and awareness levels – T-Mobile do globally.

An interview in The Telegraph newspaper in the UK on September 13 or 14 (13 on the website, the CEO of Orange, and the merged enetities, Tom Alexander, talks about keeping the brands seperate but using a line of… “Powered by…”.  This would give the whole merger some equity as it would then play into the benefits and competencies that both T-Mobile and Orange have individually.

I’ll be sure to post again on this very soon!

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