Spotify App for Google Android Phones – G1

SpotifyThe Spotify app (application) was released a couple of weeks ago for both the Google Android operating system (for phones such as the T-Mobile G1) and also for the Apple iPhone.

Being a T-Mobile G1 mobile phone user and loyal to the HTC manufactured phones, Spotify is just excellent as it now means that you don’t need to be downloading music, or paying for music for purchase anymore, as Spotify can satisfy this through its streaming.  It does cost £9.99 per month but that means that you can listen to non-stop music, as much as you want for that great price.

This is an amazing development for Spotify as they now have the music on computer market in the UK, France, Spain, Finland, Norway and Sweden covered and now they have the potential for music on the move to be covered – especially with the S60 platform and windows for mobiles soon to be given the Spotify app!

For more information on Spotify, go to the Spotify website:

See below for a demo of the Spotify app that I found on YouTube!


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