Barack Obama calls Kanye West a “Jackass”

Further to Kanye West’s disrespectful interruption of Taylor Swift collecting her best female video award at at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s), US President Barack Obama has described Kanye West as a Jackass just before a TV interview.

Obama said: “I thought it was inappropriate, it’s like she’s getting an award, why are you butting in?”  Before adding: “The young lady seems like a perfectly nice person, she’s getting her award, what’s he doing up there?  He’s a jackass”.

Listen to Barack Obama’s thoughts on Kanye West (being a jackass) and Taylor Swift (being a good person).


2 thoughts on “Barack Obama calls Kanye West a “Jackass”

  1. I wonder what Kanye thinks about Obama now. Or is any publicity good publicity, because I haven’t heard much about him recently. I guess he’s famous again now, and on the air quite a bit. Maybe he’s taken a page from Obama’s playbook, apology tours.

    • Well, I think you’re right and Kanye did it for publicity – afterall he got TV interviews and it will hang around in the press for a good while. I do like Obama’s totally open means of communicating what he thinks – what he has said is very true! I think he described Kanye perfectly in one word!

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