Generosity from Costa Coffee

Well, a few weeks back I was very disappointed to find that I bought a good coffee from Costa in Watford Junction (just outside of London), and was so not happy to find that the lid was not of great quality and simply came off, soaked the paper coffee cup and my coffee was gone, all over my hand – paper cup in the bin!  My hand was burning for a minute but fine afterwards.

I wrote to Costa to say how disappointed I was, and their customer services (from their holding company Whitbread) was outstanding and extremely positive, reactive and helpful to the point that I have been given a £15 voucher to spend.

Now, the important thing that Costa did here was care and resolve the issue making sure I was happy – they were very close to losing me as a customer, but their reactiveness has meant that to me they are a caring company and customer centric.  I could have quite easily started a hate campaign against Costa over the internet / through social networking, but this would have been wrong – they resolved the issue.

I will therefore be spending the voucher on their coffee when I get the chance!!


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