Elvis in Vegas documentary exceptionally interesting and insightful

I watched the documentary “Elvis in Vegas” last night and I must say it was extremely interesting, especially the whole issue surrounding Elvis and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.
The interesting this was that the relationship between the two worked in my opinion in that if it wasn’t for the Colonel getting Elvis the work (movies, residency at Hilton Las Vegas, shows etc) then Elvis possibly may not have been as popular as he was.

However, you could say that the Colonel was in fact only interested in one thing, money, and benefiting off of Elvis’ popularity to get the money he needed and wanted, at the expense of the perception of Elvis and the kind of films and shows he did.  Elvis perhaps needed to stand up for himself in front of the Colonel more.

Colonel Tom Parker apparently had addictions to gambling and whilst Elvis was performing he would be betting huge amounts in the Hilton Las Vegas casino, throwing away huge amounts of money.  On one occasion it was said that he lost over a £1.25 million in an hour!!  So with this gambling issue, Colonel Tom Parker needed to make money from Elvis to fuel his gambling habit.

Towards the end, Elvis became addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol whilst living in Hilton Las Vegas, and started to become lonely.  It became quite common for him to be meditating and praying before a show.  Elvis apparently even said that he should really be in the church and not entertaining at shows.  He was said to be scared of religion and wore a cross, an egptian necklace and a jewish star –  This was his method of making sure he made it to heaven.

Overall to end the documentary it was outlined that Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis built Vegas back up!  They benefited the whole city and brought it back in terms of tourism!!  And Vegas benefit Elvis!

A total of 837 shows in Las Vegas in that 6 years!!!


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