Dr. Dre and the Detox album latest – 2011 and other ventures

Dr. Dre’s long awaited Detox album is still being worked on and the legendary hip hop producer is still unable to say when it is coming! In an interview on published on 23 January 2010 in the Guardian newspaper in the UK he explains a lot.

“I have to go out to clubs now,” he says, referring to preparations for Detox’s release. “You need to understand what people are listening to.”

Which brings us, neatly, back to the album; headphones are all well and good but what everyone wants, including the kids who queued for hours to see Dre in Best Buy, is Detox. When is it dropping? There’s a shy grin and a little nod: “I’m working hard on it. I’m stopping to work on other artists in-between, but the minute it’s done and I feel it right here,” he says patting his heart again, “that’s when it will come out. Hopefully the beginning of 2010.” (Needless to say, a few weeks after our chat he releases a statement to say it probably won’t be before 2011 now. Sigh).

Still, however and whenever it arrives, Dre feels he might have created the perfect song on this album. Almost.

“I don’t think I’ve done that record yet. I’ll know what it is when it comes; I know exactly what it is in my head, but I haven’t done it yet. It’s close.”

We will, he assures me once again, hear it soon, though: “I got some shit coming, believe me.”

There is even more interesting information in the Guardian article on the website which looks into what Dr. Dre has been doing aside from working on Detox, namley “Beats by Dr. Dre”, his own headphone range.

Click here to read the full article.


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