My Top 5 – Places in the World

Here’s my second install of Top 5’s. Where do I like to go in the world, or where is my favourite places…

1. Brazil – I went there on holiday in 2007 and really it left a massive mark on me, a very special place and the people are particularly impressive. Where I went, Natal is in the north of Brazil so incredible weather all year round. It is also a very beautiful place. I always find that the sun helps my mood, and if I lived there I think I would always be happy! I stayed in a great hotel, the Sehrs Natal Grand Hotel.

2. Barcelona – I have been to Barcelona in Spain many times since 2003, and I try to make it every year. I’ve always found that July or August is the best time visit when the weather is particularly good, there the beach is a fun place to be and there are plenty of people out at all times of the day. My recommendation on a hotel there is Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona.

3. Bahamas – I went to Nassau in the Bahamas back around 1990 when I was young, and always remember the clear water, immaculate beaches and friendly people. I would love to return there one day!

4. Paris – this is a very beautiful city and I’ve only been in the autumn or winter when the city is cold but the lights are out, magical. There are so many great places to eat and drink, and enjoy a coffee. The great thing is that it is easy to get to from London!

5. Leon in Spain – Leon in Spain is such an unknown city in the north of the country yet it is full of history and some great architecture. A good friend of mine from Spain that I met at uni has his family home there and I have been fortunate enough to visit Leon a few times.

4 thoughts on “My Top 5 – Places in the World

  1. Hey, this is a nice coincidence! I was born in Natal, Brazil. But I never really had a chance to live there, although I have some family members there. Nice post! And I was very much surprised you picked this city to your favorite. 🙂

  2. I do, yes, to visit my aunt and my grandmother. My sister is going there this next weekend to visit, she’s pretty excited, she loves it there and was born there too. 😉

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