Dr. Dre is suing Suge Knight’s former company Death Row Records


According to a number of news sources, including TMZ, Dr. Dre is in the process of suing Death Row Records, or now known as, WIDEAwake Death Row.  Dr. Dre claims that he hasn’t been paid royalties for his multi-platininum album, “The Chronic”, for 14 years, so since the day he left Death Row Records in 1996.

Dre also says the new Death Row has been making money by selling digital copies of “The Chronic,” “Chronic Re-Lit” and his greatest hits album without permission.

It’s rumoured that the toned down fear factor that Suge Knight holds could be the reason for Dr. Dre suddenly coming out and taking this case to the record label he use to own with Suge.

TMZ reports that the sum that Dr. Dre is a apparently suing for is $75,000 at least.  I am sure that if he hasn’t been paid he must be owed more!!


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