Truth Hurts is the Truth

I’ve been getting some major inspiration this weekend through listening to the first album of my favourite singer, Turth Hurts aka Shari Watson.  (I actually posted a video of “The Truth” single featuring R Kelly back last year).

The album… “Truthfully Speaking” you’ll remember was released on Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment back in 2002, I still remember buying it and being so impressed by Truth’s extreme talents as a singer and songwriter, and then added to that the production skills of Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, Timbaland and R Kelly to name a few.  However the one thing that impresses me the most about Truth Hurts as an artist is the difference she had against other soul artists of the 2000’s when comparing on style, sound, natural beauty and image.  Truth Hurts really IS the TRUTH!!  The others were mediocre in my opinion.

“Addictive”, the hit song produced by DJ Quik and featuring Rakim may have been a monster of a hit across the world (I remember it being played more than “In Da Club” in clubs in London), but really the whole “Truthfully Speaking” album is a total masterpeice. “The Truth” featuring R Kelly, “This Feeling”, “Real”, and “I’m not really lookin'” to me stand out as notible works of art.  Listen to the lyrics in Truth’s work and you’ll realise that this woman is an extreme talent.

This is evident in her second album “Ready Now”, which was released on Raphael Saadiq’s Pookie Records in 2005. “Love u better”, “Ready Now”, “Phone Sex” and “Watchu Sayin'” are all examples of incredible work on this album, but “Can’t be mad” stands out for me on this album, the production is slick, the words are so so meaningful and Truth’s voice is powerful as ever.

I’ve got some more to come on Truth Hurts soon, including a new LP on it’s way later this year, and the work she was doing in writing hits throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s with the likes of Eve, Jay Z, Dre, Eric Benet, Mario Winans, Bad Boy Records and more!

I don’t want to showcase the video “Addictive” as there is so much more to Truth Hurts than that song.  Check “The Truth”…


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