Apple iPad – is it really worth buying?

I was recently in the United States where the Apple iPad is on general release. People were testing the iPad’s like crazy in the store and I imagine it is of some use to some people. Personally upon testing it out I must say it’s not for me. If I read a lot of downloadable content or played games then fine, but I don’t. I would consider it if it had a DVD drive then I could watch movies.

The other major draw backs are the lack of ports to connect other devices, as well as the fact the wifi function is not apparently working properly.  Also isn’t this just a glorified tablet PC with limited functions?!?!

Also, a question to anyone who is reading this, is it true that the battery cannot be changed? So when it eventually dies, does the owner have to buy a new iPad or do they need to get the iPad fixed by Apple technicians??

Just because Steve Jobs stands on a stage and launches the iPad, does it really mean people need the iPad?


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