Fabio Capello’s Capello Index a good move?

The news about England football manager’s new initiative, the Capello Index, is sending questions around the media about Fabio Capello’s exact motives for introducing this system.  Capello Index website describes the index as “The Capello Index was created in order to benefit all those football lovers that rarely have the opportunity to use an in-depth, objective and understandable analysis system.”

However the main question on this that many people have is why would Fabio Capello introduce a system that he will use to rate his England players during the World Cup?  Okay, it creates some sort of authority for Capello in that this is a business venture for him to position himself as the person and index that rates the players in the most effective way.  However, if he rates his England players in a mildly negative manner, how will they react?  Will there be a backlash in the sense of public humiliation?

The interesting aspect of this is that the ranking doesn’t include the ‘mentality’ of the players, so really selection isn’t just about the performance that a player has (which is what the index is based on), but it is also important that the value they bring to the team is thought about. so that could even be down to the influence the player has as a spirit in the dressing room / morale. Fabio Capello mentions that the index isn’t the only measurement of including someone in a team as  “If I just relied on the index I cannot select the Liverpool players because their performance was not that high”, Capello outlined.

Go and have a look for yourself at the Capello Index on the link below.  For the football enthusiast it’s extremely insightful and thorough and currently covers the English Premier League, La Liga in Spain and Serie A in Italy.

Fabio Capello’s Capello Index website – www.capelloindex.com


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