Two Year University Degrees a Farce?

I read a very interesting article this week on the BBC about how two year university degrees can impact probably three main stakeholders…
– students
– lecturers
– the gorvernment

Before taking each one in turn, I just wanted to outline the gorvernment have proposed introducing two year degrees as a sort of standard for the length of a university degree in the UK. This would mean less teaching time, so less time to learn the subject properly.

Students: as mentioned the introduction of two year degrees would impact students, although it could be seen as a fast track way to get students into full time work, and also less expensive for them. However, there is also the thought that the shorter degree, the less time to properly learn a subject and therefore the less the students get out of the degree.

Lecturers: this stakeholder would be placed under far too much pressure to properly teach a subject in enough detail due to the time constraints therefore the quality of teaching would go down, impacting the students ultimately.

Government: the Government would be the big winner from all of this in that they would be funding less per student, so less requirement for investment. So really this could just be a means for the Government to reduce their contribution in education as the number of students going to University rises.

I’ve outlined below the link to the BBC website to read the story:


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