Compare the Market, Compare the Meetkat – Advertising

I must say, over the last couple of years the Compare the Market / adverts have been an absolute breath of fresh air. They’re so engaging and catchy beyond anything that any other brand would dare to do or even try to acheive.

They given true personality to the advertising and really brought about a series which people want to follow! Each one develops which makes people want to talk about the advert and ultimately the compare the market / or compare the meerkat brand. All of this whether it be Aleksandr Orlov talking about the websites, through to introducing us to his IT technician Sergei, or providing the history of the Orlov family.

I’ll be posting the remainder of the Orlov family trilogy advertising campaign for you, but I thought I’d start with the third and final part first!! The Streets of Ambitiousness.  Simples!


One thought on “Compare the Market, Compare the Meetkat – Advertising

  1. Yes, I agree compare the market was a breath of fresh air campaign.

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