Clarks “Stand Tall” TV Advert 2010

New Clarks shoes advert.  To me it really does show the range of shoes that they have available.  At the same time they are pushing the brand  and how they want the brand to be perceived.  It to me is quite a brave move in pushing the brand so hard in positioning, but it certainly in my opinion them more  fashionable as a place to buy shoes.

The stand tall messaging is the way that they want the customers from Clarks to feel when they are using and engaging with the brand.

I use to buy my school shoes from there and haven’t really considered Clarks as a place to go now that I am grown.  For women it may actually be easier for them to be in the evoke alongside Marks & Spencer.  However for me and other men it may be more difficult.  A good start though.

One thought on “Clarks “Stand Tall” TV Advert 2010

  1. I love reggae. Vybz Kartel has this song that came out a few months ago called clarks. Check it out and let me know what you thing. its kind of rauncy, but i love the reggae beat.

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