Racism in Munich

I felt the need to write something on this blog after a long lack of attention. The reason? Well, what I perceived as racism in Munich, Germany.
This was a friends stag weekend and amongst the group were a couple of black guys. Firstly, hardly any bars or clubs would allow English people, even in small groups, into the bars. This was a mindless thing and I can’t quite rationalise it in my brain.
Secondly, the black members of our group were the only people on a couple of occassions who were not allowed into bars we got into. How can our whole group be allowed in apart from the black people? I will name one of the places, a rather Ropey bar called Americanos and Q Club at Kultfabrik

I have friends who are German and certainly have no issue with Germany or the people. I am purely sharing my experience and utter shock at what I saw as racism from these clubs and discriminating based on nationality.


One thought on “Racism in Munich

  1. Same happened to us, i was there with about 15 other orientals( i am from London) and all 13 of them can speak fluent german and yet they didn’t allow us in. we watched as other people(white) were ushered in. In this day and age it is a utter disgrace for people to be acting like that. Once again it was at Q-club.

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