Israel…fascinating place

I recently visited Israel, a country that I’ve never visited before.  There was two cities that I went to on this trip, Tel Aviv and Eilat.  Both cities are actually very different, with Eilat being rather like the Las Vegas of Israel with incredibly extravagant architecture.


Tel Aviv

I was in Tel Aviv on a Monday evening and then departed on the Tuesday evening, so less than 24 hours.  During that time I stayed at Hilton Tel Aviv, a landmark hotel on the beach.  Whilst there Alan Sugar, or Lord Sugar was actually there also watching the football, random sighting.


Tel Aviv Skyline





On the Tuesday I then flew to Eilat, which is largely a domestic holiday destination for Israeli’s.  One of the pics below shows Egypt on the right in the distance and Jordan on the left, oh and Saudi Arabia in the distance on the left.  I was in Eilat for 2 days and in the 42 degree heat for work, it was a little tough!

I stayed in Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba.  I did find time to relax to at Dolphin Reef, a place where you can swim with dolphins.  Though in the evening they have relaxation pools with salt water (so you float!), sweet water and fresh water where girls give you water treatments.  Go to:







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