Amsterdam for 14 Hours

This weekend just gone I travelled with a friend to Amsterdam for just 14 hours!  Why you may ask?  Well it was actually to gain the remaining 10 tier points I needed to move up to a tier with British Airways.

I arrived in Amsterdam at 8.10pm, made it to Hilton Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, checked in, got changed, went to the executive lounge, had a couple of double gin and tonics, a beer and then went back to the airport to take the train into Centraal station.

First drink once there was in a bar that I call “Monkey in the Corner”, purely because it has a life size monkey doll in the corner next to a staircase that leads to no place at all but a wall!  Next stop was another traditional Dutch bar where we had some more beers and some Bitterballs, a wonderful savoury local snack.  We had a few more beers and cocktails.

We then took the train back to the hotel at 1.45am, went to sleep, woke up, had breakfast and then flew back to London at 10am!

With the flight from London to Amsterdam being just 45 minutes it was actually a really easy trip, an interesting 14 hours.


View near the airport


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