Great Service but not consistent at Caffe Nero

I am loyal to Caffe Nero and visit their shops 4 or 5 times a week. But their service let me down many times at one of their London coffee shops. So I have now gone to another one in Fulham Road and they have been so good and attentive. It has changed my thoughts based on recent service. So I am now pleased and will likely use this coffee shop more than the other.

Now Caffe Nero just need to make this consistent!


Starbucks make a £10 million Loss!

Oh dear Starbucks, they’ve made a £10 million lost in the UK.  Reported by The Guardian, it seems much of the loss was down to the fact that Borders book chain closed down meaning many Starbucks outlets closing.

Caffe Nero and Twitter

I am a very loyal customer of Caffe Nero, they make great coffee.  Though I just went to add them on Twitter and they have their twitter channel totally unmanaged.

If you’re going to go Social, you need to manage the channel. Caffe Nero, I love your brand, manage your Social media 🙂

Caramel Hot Chocolate in Starbucks, Certainly not Coffee

I met a friend of mine yesterday morning in Starbucks. You may know that I don’t like Starbucks coffee, so instead I went for a Caramel Hot Chocolate which is great, really tasty, but probably full of artificial additives.

Anyway, my point really is that if a brand like “Starbucks Coffee” (note the word “Coffee” in their brand name) is going to want to be known for coffee, then they do a pretty bad job in my opinion of meeting their promise to the customer of actually delivering a “coffee”, always too weak and you have to pay for an extra shot.  Why should I??

I shouldn’t so instead I go to Caffe Nero or Costa Coffee!

Costa Coffee – Monkeys and Coffee Machines TV Advert

This advert is great, it really does show the care and expertise that goes into making a cup of coffee.  This is the kind of advert which differentiates the quality of coffee you consume from Costa Coffee.  This is similar to what you’d expect from Caffe Nero too, however it appears that Costa have got there first.  Starbucks could never get away with this, the service and perception of that brand is not strong enough in terms of quality.

Excellent advertising and it’s good to see Whitebread owned Costa being the first coffee brand to be advertising on TV. It really does ignite their position as one of the leaders in the UK coffee market.

Interests of Chris – Since July 2008 – Top 10 Posts

I thought I would share with you the top 10 posts with the most hits since the launch of the blog back in Jul 2008.  So here they are below in order of most hits – many of which are in there thousands!!

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Generosity from Costa Coffee

Well, a few weeks back I was very disappointed to find that I bought a good coffee from Costa in Watford Junction (just outside of London), and was so not happy to find that the lid was not of great quality and simply came off, soaked the paper coffee cup and my coffee was gone, all over my hand – paper cup in the bin!  My hand was burning for a minute but fine afterwards.

I wrote to Costa to say how disappointed I was, and their customer services (from their holding company Whitbread) was outstanding and extremely positive, reactive and helpful to the point that I have been given a £15 voucher to spend.

Now, the important thing that Costa did here was care and resolve the issue making sure I was happy – they were very close to losing me as a customer, but their reactiveness has meant that to me they are a caring company and customer centric.  I could have quite easily started a hate campaign against Costa over the internet / through social networking, but this would have been wrong – they resolved the issue.

I will therefore be spending the voucher on their coffee when I get the chance!!