Great Service but not consistent at Caffe Nero

I am loyal to Caffe Nero and visit their shops 4 or 5 times a week. But their service let me down many times at one of their London coffee shops. So I have now gone to another one in Fulham Road and they have been so good and attentive. It has changed my thoughts based on recent service. So I am now pleased and will likely use this coffee shop more than the other.

Now Caffe Nero just need to make this consistent!


Keith Floyd cooking with Ostriches

Keith Floyd was an absolute legend and this is one of my favourite clips of his, in a random field with Ostriches in South Africa!

Caffe Nero and Twitter

I am a very loyal customer of Caffe Nero, they make great coffee.  Though I just went to add them on Twitter and they have their twitter channel totally unmanaged.

If you’re going to go Social, you need to manage the channel. Caffe Nero, I love your brand, manage your Social media 🙂

Caramel Hot Chocolate in Starbucks, Certainly not Coffee

I met a friend of mine yesterday morning in Starbucks. You may know that I don’t like Starbucks coffee, so instead I went for a Caramel Hot Chocolate which is great, really tasty, but probably full of artificial additives.

Anyway, my point really is that if a brand like “Starbucks Coffee” (note the word “Coffee” in their brand name) is going to want to be known for coffee, then they do a pretty bad job in my opinion of meeting their promise to the customer of actually delivering a “coffee”, always too weak and you have to pay for an extra shot.  Why should I??

I shouldn’t so instead I go to Caffe Nero or Costa Coffee!

Costa Coffee – Monkeys and Coffee Machines TV Advert

This advert is great, it really does show the care and expertise that goes into making a cup of coffee.  This is the kind of advert which differentiates the quality of coffee you consume from Costa Coffee.  This is similar to what you’d expect from Caffe Nero too, however it appears that Costa have got there first.  Starbucks could never get away with this, the service and perception of that brand is not strong enough in terms of quality.

Excellent advertising and it’s good to see Whitebread owned Costa being the first coffee brand to be advertising on TV. It really does ignite their position as one of the leaders in the UK coffee market.

Top 5 Nando’s in London

Okay, so, to start my Top 5 series I’ve decided on looking what are my Top 5 Nando’s restaurants in London! All based on my experiences as a customer.

1. Nando’s Euston: close to the train station and well laid out. The great thing about this restaurant is that there is single person tables which takes away the taboo feeling of being alone. There are also these single person tables facing outside so you can people watch whilst enjoying some spicy chicken!

2. Nando’s Victoria: this Nando’s is in the Cardinal Place shopping area of Victoria in London, and the great thing is that it is kind of hidden and off of the main street, which means it is steadily busy but quiet enough for you to enjoy without a busy and noisy environment.

3. Nando’s Gloucester Road: a good location right by south Kensington and Gloucester Road. The chicken here is great and there is plenty of space between tables. There is also an upstairs so the space doesn’t feel over crowded.

4. Nando’s Watford: in the north of London, this one is always busy and I’ve been there a lot during lunch and also in the evening. They have great private seating and lots of space as well as outside seating in the summer. The chicken here is always good and the service is quick and excellent!

5. Nando’s Notting Hill: this Nado’s is on the high street in Notting Hill and gets busy. The chicken is good though sometimes the seating feels a bit random with stools and high tables.