Cathay Pacific scandal to delay ad campaign

Cathay Pacific will delay a global marketing campaign, due to photographs of crew members allegedly engaging in a sexual act being published.

The airline was due to launch the campaign in September and the tagline was “meet the team who go the extra mile to make you feel special”.

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First Flight for 20 years from Iraq to London

I just read on the bbc website that the first flight  for 20 years between Baghdad in Iraq and London has taken off with Iraq Airways.   It will be interesting to know how often these flights will take place now! Currently it is saying that there will be two flights weekly – via Malmo on its way to London, but non-stop on the way back.

The Iraqi Airways flight had been due to take off nine days ago, but was grounded by the volcanic ash cloud drifting over Europe.

The flight, nearly a year behind schedule, was the first since the UN imposed sanctions after Saddam Hussein’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

It was stopping in Sweden for security checks en route to Gatwick airport.

Security concerns

“A Boeing 737-400 Iraqi Airways flight left at 3pm (1200 GMT) for the first time in 20 years from Baghdad to London via Malmo,” Iraq’s civil aviation director, Adnan Blebil, told the AFP news agency.

Thirty foreign and Iraqi passengers were on board Flight 237, including transport minister Amer Abduljabbar Ismail and Iraqi Airways chief Kifah Hassan.

Their trip was delayed for many months, mainly because of security concerns in the UK and other EU countries.

Even then, events kept the plane grounded a little longer.

It should have taken off on April 16. But Iceland’s Eyjafjoell volcano erupted two days earlier, causing thousands of flights across Europe to be cancelled.

Mr Blebil added that there would be two flights a week, going via Malmo on the way to London, but non-stop on the way back.

Indian Pilots have mid-air fight on Air India flight

I’ve just read on the BBC website about Indian pilots having a fight in mid air on-board an Air India flight from the United Arab Emirates to Delhi in India.  They left the cock-pit to fight and scuffle with air cabin crew!  This to me is totally outragious!  These people are looking after peoples lives whilst up in there air and they are fighting amongst themselves!  Oh dear!  I know that there is great technology like auto-pilot, but really, they need to be more responsible.

The apparent reason for the fight was over sexual harressment accusations made by cabin crew about the pilots.

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I recently got back from Barcelona, and as usual… amazing!  I stayed at Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona for the second year running and was great!  Wonderful sun, wonderful atmosphere and great times and memories.  I will be planning to go back again soon.

Unfortunately my memory card broke on my camera so no pics! :((

Fat Tax to be introduced by Ryanair

As previously written about on this blog, Ryanair, the low cost airline) now look as if they will follow customer feedback / research and introduce a fat tax for “really large passengers who invade the space of the passengers sitting beside them”.  Ryanair have also said that if introduced the fat tax could be an incentive for the affected passengers to lose weight.

To further make a decision on whether to roll this out Ryanair will be polling visitors of their website,, on how to charge overweight / obese passengers – which could be either a) a charge per kilo for those passenger over 130kg’s (for men) and 100kg’s (for women), or b) a one off charge if Ryanair passengers waste touches the other armrests.

Instead of a fat tax being introduced, I think Ryanair could follow the lead from US airlines that charge passengers to buy an extra seat if they spill over their space.  We will wait see what Michael O’Leary does!

Ryanair poll findings show weight issue

Further to a blog posting of mine a few weeks ago, “The Herald” newspaper in Scotland has reported that a Ryanair poll has revealed findings that overweight people should pay more to go on Ryanair flights!  There are suggestions that this is potentially a proposal that Ryanair may being forward but it certainly would not work in their favour in terms of CSR, but it goes with what I have previously posted about regarding charging more for heavier luggage and more luggage.

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