Feed a Flower and it will Grow


I had a long conversation with a friend yesterday about cost cutting versus investment.

He was saying that you can get immediate financial benefits by removing costs. However this means that you’re reducing the feed and therefore not looking at the growth of a business.

Thinking of it in simple terms, if you didn’t feed a flower it would die eventually. Of course it could survive for sometime but the other flowers around the under one would get bigger, start to look better, stronger, more visually appealing through colour perhaps.

The same translates for any organisation, that if you do not invest in the basic requirements to differentiate, enhance perception, gain market share, and increase sales, then the future could look bleak.


Chris Timbs of Hilton scoops Young Marketer of the Year Award

Chris Timbs Hilton

Here is detail on an award that I won this week in the UK…Young Marketer of the Year 2012

Chris Timbs of Hilton scoops Young Marketer of the Year Award

Chris Timbs of Hilton Hotels & Resorts has been named the Young Marketer of the Year 2012 at the Hotel Marketing Association’s annual awards, held today at London’ Savoy hotel.

He was presented with the accolade – created to recognise young marketing talent under the age of 30 – for his work on Hilton campaigns, including Stay Hilton Go Chill.  His prize included a one-day course at the Chartered Institute of Marketing at Moor Hall and a bottle of Champagne.

Source: Caterer and Hotelkeeper:  http://www.caterersearch.com/Articles/17/12/2012/346777/Chris-Timbs-of-Hilton-scoops-Young-Marketer-of-the-Year.htm

Costa Coffee – Monkeys and Coffee Machines TV Advert

This advert is great, it really does show the care and expertise that goes into making a cup of coffee.  This is the kind of advert which differentiates the quality of coffee you consume from Costa Coffee.  This is similar to what you’d expect from Caffe Nero too, however it appears that Costa have got there first.  Starbucks could never get away with this, the service and perception of that brand is not strong enough in terms of quality.

Excellent advertising and it’s good to see Whitebread owned Costa being the first coffee brand to be advertising on TV. It really does ignite their position as one of the leaders in the UK coffee market.

Clarks “Stand Tall” TV Advert 2010

New Clarks shoes advert.  To me it really does show the range of shoes that they have available.  At the same time they are pushing the brand  and how they want the brand to be perceived.  It to me is quite a brave move in pushing the brand so hard in positioning, but it certainly in my opinion them more  fashionable as a place to buy shoes.

The stand tall messaging is the way that they want the customers from Clarks to feel when they are using and engaging with the brand.

I use to buy my school shoes from there and haven’t really considered Clarks as a place to go now that I am grown.  For women it may actually be easier for them to be in the evoke alongside Marks & Spencer.  However for me and other men it may be more difficult.  A good start though.

New Virgin Atlantic TV Advert – “Got it”

The new Virgin Atlantic TV ad starts airing globally later this month (October 2010) on tv, in cinemas and on the internet.

Some great imagery and filming that really showcases the Virgin Atlantic product.  See it below!  I didn’t spot Sir Richard Branson.

Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express Advertising – Not Impressed

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve read the newspapers, watched tv and have seen the new brand adverising campaign by Holiday Inn and InterContinental Hotels Group’s other more budget brand Holiday Inn Express.

The headlines “Stay Impressed” and “Stay Picky”, lead the campaign.  I must say that I am not entirely impressed by the message or the creative.  The ordinary looking people is fine but it actually makes the creative look cheap, ultimately reflecting on the brand.

The other thing is over the “picky” element, and how they highlight you can choose a type of pillow, well this is nice but probably not the most important factor in choosing a hotel brand to stay with.  Good that they’ve tried to differentiate though.

Compare the Market, Compare the Meetkat – Advertising

I must say, over the last couple of years the Compare the Market / comparethemarket.com adverts have been an absolute breath of fresh air. They’re so engaging and catchy beyond anything that any other brand would dare to do or even try to acheive.

They given true personality to the advertising and really brought about a series which people want to follow! Each one develops which makes people want to talk about the advert and ultimately the compare the market / or compare the meerkat brand. All of this whether it be Aleksandr Orlov talking about the websites, through to introducing us to his IT technician Sergei, or providing the history of the Orlov family.

I’ll be posting the remainder of the Orlov family trilogy advertising campaign for you, but I thought I’d start with the third and final part first!! The Streets of Ambitiousness.  Simples!