Excellent Service and Repair by HTC

I am so impressed by the customer service that I have received from HTC, the mobile / smartphone manufacturer.

My HTC Sensation xe suddenly started rebooting non stop and then totally switched off. It then would not turn back on.

I called HTC and used my 2 year warranty to have it repaired. My phone was collected by courier on 2 January, it was in repair and repaired by 4th January, and then back with me this morning. It appears that the motherboard and screen have been replaced and feels like a new phone.

It was really well packaged too, see the images!

Thank You HTC! Amazing service



WordPress for Android – finally!!

Finally, I am so pleased, WordPress for Android has been released and now it will be far easier for us all with WordPress blogs to be posting from our  mobiles or smartphones with Google Android whilst on the move!  Here’s a video that I found on mashable.com that shows how to use the app.

Branding for Orange and T-Mobile after Merger

Orange and T-MobileSince news last week of the merger between mobile phone network providers Orange and T-Mobile, I’ve been questioning myself constantly about what they will do with the brands and whether the merger will mean that either of the Orange and T-Mobile brands will go, if they will be combined, or something else!

Both T-Mobile and Orange are extremely strong brands with values attached to them so it would be pointless to remove either.  I would say they should continue to act as individual brands but be positioned slightly differently so that the customer can understand what they get from each.  Both T-Mobile and Orange have huge brand recall and awareness levels – T-Mobile do globally.

An interview in The Telegraph newspaper in the UK on September 13 or 14 (13 on the website www.telegraph.co.uk), the CEO of Orange, and the merged enetities, Tom Alexander, talks about keeping the brands seperate but using a line of… “Powered by…”.  This would give the whole merger some equity as it would then play into the benefits and competencies that both T-Mobile and Orange have individually.

I’ll be sure to post again on this very soon!

Spotify App for Google Android Phones – G1

SpotifyThe Spotify app (application) was released a couple of weeks ago for both the Google Android operating system (for phones such as the T-Mobile G1) and also for the Apple iPhone.

Being a T-Mobile G1 mobile phone user and loyal to the HTC manufactured phones, Spotify is just excellent as it now means that you don’t need to be downloading music, or paying for music for purchase anymore, as Spotify can satisfy this through its streaming.  It does cost £9.99 per month but that means that you can listen to non-stop music, as much as you want for that great price.

This is an amazing development for Spotify as they now have the music on computer market in the UK, France, Spain, Finland, Norway and Sweden covered and now they have the potential for music on the move to be covered – especially with the S60 platform and windows for mobiles soon to be given the Spotify app!

For more information on Spotify, go to the Spotify website:  www.spotify.com

See below for a demo of the Spotify app that I found on YouTube!

Office of Fair Trading to Investigate T-Mobile and Orange deal!

Further to the merger between T-Mobile and Orange, the office of Fair Trading is being called upon by consumer groups to potentially investigate.  There are some concerns that there could be damage to fair competition following the formation of the UK’s largest mobile phone operator.

There are also some concerns that the merger could mean a few thousand job losses – the current total is over 19,000.  T-Mobile and Orange will now have a combined customer base of 28.4 million, which is 37% of the entire UK mobile phone market.
As I said in a previous post, O2 and Vodafone now lag behind, with Virgin (that rents lines off of T-Mobile) and 3 a long way back still.

Share of UK Mobile Market – T-Mobile and Orange now rule

With yesterdays reported merger between T-Mobile and Orange, the UK Mobile phone market has changed in terms of market share to the below!  Vodafone and O2 no longer rule the roost.

– T-Mobile and Orange: 37% (28.4 million subscribers)

– O2: 28% (21.5 million subscribers)

– Vodafone: 23% (17.7 million subscribers)

– Virgin: 6.2% (4.8 million subscribers)

– 3: 5.8% (4.5 million subscribers)

T-Mobile and Orange Merge UK Mobile Operation

T-Mobile and OrangeMobile network brands T-Mobile and Orange are to merge their UK operations in a deal that will push the combined company into first position in the UK market, with market share of 37% and more than 28 million customers.

The two are currently the UK’s third and fourth-largest mobile operators, and today’s 50:50 deal will mean rivals O2 and Vodafone move into to second and third place in the highly competitive UK mobile market. Vodafone and O2 were actually rumored to both be making bids at the weekend for T-Mobile, but Orange made the first move.

Orange is owned by France Telecom and T-Mobile by Deutsche Telekom. The two companies said on Tuesday 8 September that the deal will create a new force in the UK mobile phones market, which is the second-largest in Europe – annual revenues of almost €10bn (£8.8bn). Cost savings are expected to be around €4bn.

The new company will be a 50:50 joint venture and the management team will be led by Tom Alexander, who is chief executive of Orange UK. He will take the same role in the new company. Richard Moat, chief executive of T-Mobile UK, will be chief operating officer.