If the Athletics World Championships was in London

Imagine if the Athletics World Championships was being held in London. The impression I get from the stadium and atmosphere is that it would be more lively and full of excitement and passion.
Not just the views on the BBC of the stadium, but there was a lack of support along the marathon course including the stadium yesterday morning.
Is it that Russia isn’t that interested in track and field and more so in gymnastics?

Imagine the euphoria that would have hit London if the world championships 2013 were here instead of Moscow. Of course it isn’t and wasn’t a possibility, but I am certain that the city of London and Mayor Boris Johnson would have done a lot of work to put it on the map.

I wonder what Moscow has done to do this?
I haven’t heard anything and would have thought there would have been some work done by the government and the tourism body to make sure that Moscow benefits from the exposure to bring in tourism beyond the championships, and really do a great marketing job.

Move back a couple of weeks to the London Anniversary games which was in effect a Diamond League meet, the Olympic Park and stadium was rammed for the entire weekend, with no spare seats or tickets.
I was fortunate enough to attend on the Friday evening and found it to be very close to the atmosphere created during the London 2012 Olympic Games, pure excitement for everyone.  The Olympic and sporting legacy that Lord Seb Coe and others talked about being vital for UK.

Source: itv.com

Source: itv.com


A Masterpiece – London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

I felt hugely inspired from watching the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, a creation that far surpassed mine and probablymany other peoples expectations.  The visuals and the music went together so well and Danny Boyle created a masterpiece of an event, not sure it can be topped.  It far surpassed Beijing!!!

I will go as far to say that it was the most inspirational event I have actually seen.

Two piece of music that I will post are both by Underworld and feature Dame Evelyn Glennie on percussion.

– “And I will Kiss”, this was played during the Industrial Revolution part of the ceremony.  The strength of the drums and other percussion instruments is incredible, and it really gives this raw power and intensity.
– “Caliban’s dream”, this was played during the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron by young up and coming athletes.  This music was more pieceful yet it felt a little eery or mysterious, hard to explain, though at the same time it’s a beautiful song.
This event sent out a message to those that didn’t know that British music and composers are way up there with the best.  Even Dizzee Rascal and Emeli Sande performed. One person who was terrible as ever, Paul McCartney, why was he even included?!
Though again this was an amazing event and Danny Boyle can be proud with what he has produced and directed!

Forging of Olympic Rings – Copyright Rex Features Back Page Images