Mr Nice Guy – Nikki Grier

A new track by Nikki Grier and produced by Aftermath’s Dawuan Parker, “Mr Nice Guy” talks positively about a guy. It’s written and performed by Nikki.  Listen to “Mr Nice Guy” by clicking here.


Nikki Grier – Ha Ha (Produced by Dr Dre, Dawaun Parker and Mark Batson)

A new Nikki Grier track, “Ha Ha”, produced by Dr Dre, Dawaun Parker and Mark Batson.  Another great song from Nikki who is working with so many people including Busta Rhymes as well as Dr Dre on his Detox project.

“Ha Ha” is about a former lover.


Super Bad, Super Cool

I listened today to a really insightful and impactful radio show called “Super Bad, Super Cool”, presented by actress Pam Grier.  Super Bad, Super Cool looks at the impact by black actors, actresses and musicians on 1970’s cinema. Jazz and Soul music genre’s were the big contributors during this era.

Find out more by clicking on the link below:

Truth in the Booth – Truth Hurts Blog

Make sure you check out

Not only is there new music to listen to from the upcoming album “Strip”, but Truth Hurts has just started a new blog, including exclusive video!

They’ll be some good stuff coming, particularly as Truth has just got back from adventures in Turkey and Austria!

MTV Interview with Nikki Grier

Check out this new Nikki Grier interview with MTV. Nikki talks about her life with music, working with Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, contributing to Detox, and of course her new album, Soulgasm Vol. 6, which was released on valentines day.