Giovani Dos Santos Amazing Goal for Mexico

I don’t know what it is with Spurs boss Harry Redknapp but why does he not want to play Giovani Dos Santos and continuously loan him out instead?!  When he can show how much talent he has like what is shown in the below video, some team is going to greatly value from him.


Truth in the Booth – Truth Hurts Blog

Make sure you check out

Not only is there new music to listen to from the upcoming album “Strip”, but Truth Hurts has just started a new blog, including exclusive video!

They’ll be some good stuff coming, particularly as Truth has just got back from adventures in Turkey and Austria!

False News on Internet about Suge Knight and Tupac Murder

It exploded on Twitter a couple of nights ago when it was reported that Suge Knight had been arrested for Tupac Shakur’s murder. A fake video had been produced by someone that simply pulled together snippets from various videos from the last few years of Suge Knight arrests and new reports.

Seriously, that’s not good for or fair for Suge Knight, or anybody to have that kind of information put on the internet when it’s not even true.

The fake video is below.