Feed a Flower and it will Grow


I had a long conversation with a friend yesterday about cost cutting versus investment.

He was saying that you can get immediate financial benefits by removing costs. However this means that you’re reducing the feed and therefore not looking at the growth of a business.

Thinking of it in simple terms, if you didn’t feed a flower it would die eventually. Of course it could survive for sometime but the other flowers around the under one would get bigger, start to look better, stronger, more visually appealing through colour perhaps.

The same translates for any organisation, that if you do not invest in the basic requirements to differentiate, enhance perception, gain market share, and increase sales, then the future could look bleak.


New Nikki Grier Interview


Check out this new interview with Nikki Grier by I2G. Music and working with Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes is discussed.

Click the link access the interview:  illuminati2g.com/site/2013/01/13/nikki-grier-interview/

Excellent Service and Repair by HTC

I am so impressed by the customer service that I have received from HTC, the mobile / smartphone manufacturer.

My HTC Sensation xe suddenly started rebooting non stop and then totally switched off. It then would not turn back on.

I called HTC and used my 2 year warranty to have it repaired. My phone was collected by courier on 2 January, it was in repair and repaired by 4th January, and then back with me this morning. It appears that the motherboard and screen have been replaced and feels like a new phone.

It was really well packaged too, see the images!

Thank You HTC! Amazing service


Chris Timbs of Hilton scoops Young Marketer of the Year Award

Chris Timbs Hilton

Here is detail on an award that I won this week in the UK…Young Marketer of the Year 2012

Chris Timbs of Hilton scoops Young Marketer of the Year Award

Chris Timbs of Hilton Hotels & Resorts has been named the Young Marketer of the Year 2012 at the Hotel Marketing Association’s annual awards, held today at London’ Savoy hotel.

He was presented with the accolade – created to recognise young marketing talent under the age of 30 – for his work on Hilton campaigns, including Stay Hilton Go Chill.  His prize included a one-day course at the Chartered Institute of Marketing at Moor Hall and a bottle of Champagne.

Source: Caterer and Hotelkeeper:  http://www.caterersearch.com/Articles/17/12/2012/346777/Chris-Timbs-of-Hilton-scoops-Young-Marketer-of-the-Year.htm

Holidays Are Coming

So Coca Cola now has their new ad in the UK ready for the Christmas and New Year period. Coca Cola and Red always has that strong association with Christmas. Pepsi don’t even attempt with advertising to do anything during this time of the year.

Interesting to see that they know when is appropriate and effective to be raising awareness and positioning the brand.

Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull Stratos Experiment and Jump – Incredible


I’ve been watching the ascent of the RedBull Stratos capsule with Felix Baumgartner on board.  Absolutely incredible with the visuals we are seeing as well as the statistics we’re shown.

128,000 feet up before the jump took place, that is just too much to even imagine.



The safety steps are interesting too, involving the de-pressurising of the capsule and inflating of the suit, and checking the parachutes will work.

4 minute and 22 second discent, and at times was going at 700mph!!!






Blogging again


I keep neglecting my blog for too long! So I restart my writing by mentioning that I was recently in the US work meetings, in Washington and then NYC for the weekend.

Amongst other things I went to a vineyard in Maryland which was very interesting. Many different wines sold mainly locally in Maryland.


New York was good as usual. I saw some
friends and generally relaxed! I always enjoy walking around the various streets and finding new areas.