Red Carpet at The Wolverine Premiere in London

I was extremely fortunate and privileged to be invited and to attend the UK premiere of The Wolverine at Empire in Leicester Sq on Tuesday night. What a great experience.

Audi had very good brand and product integration in the film; this of course meant the A list cast all turned up in these high end Audi’s including Hugh Jackman driving onto the red carpet in an Audi R8.

The walk down the red carpet next to all of the stars was a surreal experience, similar to when I attended the Grammy Awards in 2011.

Once in and seated a speech was given by the film director as well as Hugh Jackman which was extremely humbling to hear from someone who really does care about others.

The film itself was superb and interesting to be based in Japan with most of the cast also Japanese. I was actually really drawn into the film with not much feeling of how supernatural the Wolverine character is until the end of the film.