50 Cent Clearing Snow?!

Yes that’s right, you may have heard that 50 Cent offered his services to the public by clearing snow for them at a cost of $100 per house.  He was so confident in his services that he would make $1000! I am not sure if he did. 50 Cent apparently employed the services of a few little helpers at $30 a house.  The rapper charged extra for people to take pictures of him!

Now that’s what I call money hungry, not afraid to lift a finger for some money, and entrepreneurial.  See the 50 Cent images below of him in action!


Burt Bacharach and Dr. Dre – Go Ask Shakespeare

I thought I’d share this, a very inspirational peice of music composed by Burt Bacharach and Dr. Dre, “Go Ask Shakespeare”.  This performance is from the Jools Holland show in the UK and features the vocals of Rufus Wainwright.  A really wonderful arrangement of various musical instruments, accompanied by the trademark Dr. Dre drum beat!

Suge Knight Loses Two Teeth in Car Crash

(Source: AllHipHop News)

Marion “Suge” Knight was involved in a car accident that knocked out his front teeth, according to his lawyer, Marc Brumer.

Brumer told The Miami New Times, that last week, Knight missed a deposition for a lawsuit he filed against Kanye West in Miami, due to the car accident.

“He was in a pretty serious car accident,” Brumer told The Miami New Times. “He lost a couple of teeth, he’s in pain, and he can’t speak.”

The former Death Row Records’ boss is suing Kanye West and The Shore Club over a 2005 shooting during an event West hosted at the South Beach hotspot.

Knight was shot in the femur and had to undergo surgery. Additionally, Knight claims West is responsible for his medical bills and a $135,000 diamond earring that was allegedly stolen from him during the fracas.

“He’s a very adept businessman,” Brumer said of Knight. “He’s a mess, but he’s sharp. Nobody likes Kanye West anymore. Even though he’s still selling millions of records, everybody’s sick of him.”

Suge Knight Owes I.R.S. for Unpaid Tax

TMZ have reported that former Death Row Records CEO owes $6 million ($6,578,696.31 to be precise) in unpaid tax to the I.R.S.  The actual money owed is apparently from Suge’s 1996 earnings, it just shows how much Suge was earning at one stage!  Currently it has been reported that Suge earns just $1,207 per month.

Down – Jay Sean and Lil’ Wayne

I have really come to warm to “Down” by Jay Sean featuring Lil’ Wayne.  I like the lyrics and the overall production is good too by J-Remy and Bobby Bass.  It suits Jay Sean, and is in-keeping with his style.  There’s no point changing him as he has suceeded remarkebly over the last 6 or 7 years alone.  Birdman also features in the video, taking a seat, drinking and showing who’s the boss of Cash Money Records!

Classic Video by Milkbone – Where Da Party At

This is a classic song, “where da party at” by rapper Milkbone from back in 1995, and features some faces you’ll recognize including Kurupt, as well as Notorious BIG on the chorus. You may remember he was working with Suge Knight and Death Row Records in the late 90’s.

Dr. Dre and the Detox album latest – 2011 and other ventures

Dr. Dre’s long awaited Detox album is still being worked on and the legendary hip hop producer is still unable to say when it is coming! In an interview on published on 23 January 2010 in the Guardian newspaper in the UK he explains a lot.

“I have to go out to clubs now,” he says, referring to preparations for Detox’s release. “You need to understand what people are listening to.”

Which brings us, neatly, back to the album; headphones are all well and good but what everyone wants, including the kids who queued for hours to see Dre in Best Buy, is Detox. When is it dropping? There’s a shy grin and a little nod: “I’m working hard on it. I’m stopping to work on other artists in-between, but the minute it’s done and I feel it right here,” he says patting his heart again, “that’s when it will come out. Hopefully the beginning of 2010.” (Needless to say, a few weeks after our chat he releases a statement to say it probably won’t be before 2011 now. Sigh).

Still, however and whenever it arrives, Dre feels he might have created the perfect song on this album. Almost.

“I don’t think I’ve done that record yet. I’ll know what it is when it comes; I know exactly what it is in my head, but I haven’t done it yet. It’s close.”

We will, he assures me once again, hear it soon, though: “I got some shit coming, believe me.”

There is even more interesting information in the Guardian article on the website which looks into what Dr. Dre has been doing aside from working on Detox, namley “Beats by Dr. Dre”, his own headphone range.

Click here to read the full article.