Talk on Marketing at National Hotel Marketing Conference

On Friday 28 June 2013 I attended and spoke at the National Hotel Marketing Conference which was held at Hilton at St. George’s Park Burton upon Trent.

I was also invited to deliver a talk to the delegates and share my thoughts on marketing during off peak and peak periods.  I emphasised the importance of always planning continuously, including analysing your competition, segmenting, targeting, positioning, executing and measuring.

I thoroughly enjoyed delivering this talk and meeting many people.



Feed a Flower and it will Grow


I had a long conversation with a friend yesterday about cost cutting versus investment.

He was saying that you can get immediate financial benefits by removing costs. However this means that you’re reducing the feed and therefore not looking at the growth of a business.

Thinking of it in simple terms, if you didn’t feed a flower it would die eventually. Of course it could survive for sometime but the other flowers around the under one would get bigger, start to look better, stronger, more visually appealing through colour perhaps.

The same translates for any organisation, that if you do not invest in the basic requirements to differentiate, enhance perception, gain market share, and increase sales, then the future could look bleak.

Chris Timbs of Hilton scoops Young Marketer of the Year Award

Chris Timbs Hilton

Here is detail on an award that I won this week in the UK…Young Marketer of the Year 2012

Chris Timbs of Hilton scoops Young Marketer of the Year Award

Chris Timbs of Hilton Hotels & Resorts has been named the Young Marketer of the Year 2012 at the Hotel Marketing Association’s annual awards, held today at London’ Savoy hotel.

He was presented with the accolade – created to recognise young marketing talent under the age of 30 – for his work on Hilton campaigns, including Stay Hilton Go Chill.  His prize included a one-day course at the Chartered Institute of Marketing at Moor Hall and a bottle of Champagne.

Source: Caterer and Hotelkeeper:

Clarks “Stand Tall” TV Advert 2010

New Clarks shoes advert.  To me it really does show the range of shoes that they have available.  At the same time they are pushing the brand  and how they want the brand to be perceived.  It to me is quite a brave move in pushing the brand so hard in positioning, but it certainly in my opinion them more  fashionable as a place to buy shoes.

The stand tall messaging is the way that they want the customers from Clarks to feel when they are using and engaging with the brand.

I use to buy my school shoes from there and haven’t really considered Clarks as a place to go now that I am grown.  For women it may actually be easier for them to be in the evoke alongside Marks & Spencer.  However for me and other men it may be more difficult.  A good start though.

Marks & Spencer Advert – Autumn 2010

Here’s another one from Marks & Spencer, they’ve continued what they started earlier this year and kept the same stable of models, and to great effect, this advertising campaign in my mind really works well.  I can imagine that there’s some way for every woman that sees the adverts to relate to what’s on offer.  The models all cover a different demographic and almost target audience due to how different some of them are from each other.

Marks & Spencer Ad Campaign – Spring 2010

I really like how Marks & Spencer have gone about re-inventing themselves, particularly with the womens ranges.  This is a great advert.

They’ve brought in great personalities too to help with the image including Dannii Minogue, Lisa Snowdon, VV Brown, Ana Beatriz Barros and Twiggy.

Nothin But Music Entertainment Group – Crooked I, Coniyac and Jazzy D

I often get sent press releases for distribution, and a lot of them I ignore, however there is no ignoring this one!  Crooked I has teamed up with Coniyac from Doggy’s Angels and Jazzy D – President of Blu Division which is the label G Malone is signed to, and they have formed “Nothin But Music Entertainment Group (NBM).  Exicting stuff!!! Read the release below!

Nothin But Music Entertainment Group Sets the Bar for a New Standard In Artist Management and Development

(January 26, 2010, Los Angeles, CA) Three music industry vets who have not only seen the hardship’s of poorly negotiated artist contracts, but have all been victims of them as well; have joined forces to create an artist friendly environment at Nothin But Music Entertainment Group (NBM). Crooked I (Slaughterhouse) Kim “Coniyac” P (Doggy’s Angels) and business manager Shawndel “Jazzy D” Rosa, have all combined their years of experience to create an all star music production/artist development entertainment company that provides a level playing field for artists looking to obtain longevity in a tumultuous industry. NBM Entertainment Group is a ‘total music provider’ offering Image Consultation, Marketing, Management, and major digital Video/Film/DVD and music distribution.

Coniyac is a former member of the group Doggy’s Angels who signed a deal with Snoop Dogg to DoggHouse/TVT records.The trio were nominated for a “Lady of Soul” Award for Best New Group and also won an ASCAP award for being 1 on Billboard for 8 weeks straight for their hit single “Baby If Your Ready”. Coniyac also received a Gold Plaque for her feature on Tha Eastsidaz “Dueces And Trays” Gold album. In what was seemingly an overnight catapault to stardom, the female rapper learned every lesson she learned in the industry the hard way and plans to use her experience to educate new artists, in particular, women. “Our company provides endless avenues for everyone we represent, and we focus on creating beneficial opportunities in this industry.” says Coniyac. As a member of the successful Hip-Hop group Slaughterhouse, currently touring, Crooked I is finally reaping the commercial rewards for his years of work behind the scenes as a writer and artist himself. Arguably noted by many as one of the best lyricists in hip-hop, Crooked I wants to use his celebrity to give young performers the same opportunities that were afforded to him from his day’s of being on Death Row Records to currently being a member of one of the hottest Hip-Hop groups around. “Coniyac, Jazzy and I have put together one of the most powerful new music production company’s based in the West” explains Crooked I, “And we all possess the tools to make a dynamic impact in the industry.”

As a well-respected artist manager Jazzy Management has taken an approach to management that favors the needs of his artists vs. his own agenda. As the President of Blu Division Music “Jazzy D” has taken the label of his most notable client, Cash Money/Universal recording artist Glasses Malone, and created a brand that surpasses the streets and competes on a commercial level. “Our mission at NBM is to provide excellent and unsurpassed management representation for musical artists and producers. We feel that such representation is lacking overall in the music industry and we are out to make a difference by giving our roster of artists the best guidance possible through our committed staff” explains the industry vet who is also responsible for creating the popular Gangsta Granny ring tones.

Although NBM Entertainment Group is in no rush to sign artists; they are developing the brand by hosting showcases and industry conferences that provide knowledge and resources to those looking to make an impact on the world through their craft that only need some guidance. NBM was built on the foundation of individuals who’ve always had the desire to give back so it is incumbent upon them to share their knowledge and help aspiring artists.

For more information on NBM visit