Reasons why Spurs should sell Gareth Bale to Real Madrid

Over the summer since the transfer saga involving Spurs’ Gareth Bale and Real Madrid I have had a few rather interesting conversations about why Tottenham Hotspur do not need Gareth and should instead cash in.

Firstly, with Real Madrid understood to be offering £93 million plus Fabio Coentrao it would be absolutely crazy not to accept such a bit.  The key reasons I see are as follows:

– Spurs have signed Paulinho, Capoue, Chadli and Soldado. These are all proven top class players both at club and international level. Bale wouldn’t be able to play the same role as he did last season.

– Spurs are close to signing Willian and Erik Lamela, again two world class players both offering a variety of skills including width, an ability to contribute in the way of assists and goals.

– These 6 players would absolutely more than make up for Bale, in fact my belief is that Spurs will be a better team this season as a result.  There won’t be as many single minded and often selfish performances.

– Although Bale scored more goals last season than in the 2011/12 season (21 vs 11), he created/assisted far less.  Therefore this was a negative for the overall number of goals scored by the team.  In short, by Bale always shooting (and often missing) it meant Spurs had less opportunities to score.  For example Adebayor in 2011/12 scored 17 league goals and assisted 11 (vs just 4 last season) .  This was when playing in a 442 formation with Defoe upfront, and Lennon and Bale providing the width and assisting.

– Bale is injury prone and there is a risk that constant injury could be negative for Bales game and therefore less likeliness to perform to the same level again.  In addition Bales game is heavily based on pace.  Look what happened to Michael Owen with his injuries, he lost his pace.  It could be that the same happens to Bale and therefore leaves him limited in his game.

– Oh and the rather annoying goal celebration will be gone to, reserved for La Liga.

Media reports suggest that Bale will be sold in the next few days to Real Madrid.  If this happens as expected good luck to him.  As a Spurs supporter I will be pleased as Spurs will have pocketed a massive amount of money as well as gained from a left sided player in exchange, plus almost covering the transfer fees for 6 world class players.

The future looks bright at the Lane!