Rest In Peace Amy Winehouse

Rest In Peace Amy Winehouse. You had so much talent.

Here’s Amy Winehouse’s live Performance during the Grammy Weekend in 2006, “Rehab”.


Follow Nikki Grier on Twitter

You’ll have read at some point about the great stuff that Nikki Grier is doing.  Nikki is such a talented singer and songwriter and has worked with the likes of Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, to name but a few.

Follow Nikki Grier on Twitter to keep up to date with what’s going on, espeically with her latest project, “SoulGasm Vol. 6”

New Kind of Blue album by TQ – Buy it!

R’n’B Singer TQ has a new album out since last month, Kind of Blue.  I’ve listeneded to a few of the tracks and have ordered the album too from TQ, where you can also request a personal message that’s written and signed by TQ!  Making the album very much a collectors item.

What I’ve heard so far of the album is great… “pop pop”, “electronic”, “unbelievable” are all great songs and features some amazing production which really suit TQ’s style and voice.  Mikkey Halsted, Glasses Malone and The Ying Yang Twins are all featured on the Kind of Blue album.  There’s also a TQ rendition of “Dirty Diana” which is dedicated to Michael Jackson.

Kind of Blue is another album by TQ that is different to his style in all his previous albums… “they never saw me coming”, “the second coming”, “paradise”, “listen”

To buy a signed copy of the new TQ album, Kind of Blue, you can click on the link below!

fLO – Digital Seduction, Facebook and Twitter

Last week I posted about fLO, a very talented singer that I came across, and I’m excited to hear that she’s been prepping for a video for her single “Digital Seduction”, can’t wait to see it!!  In the meantime download her latest single “Digital Seduction” produced by Rashaad Wiggins, it’s free! Just to fLO’s website:

Make sure you add her on facebook to keep up to date with the new music fLO is working on.

Also follow fLO on twitter!!

fLO – New Singer, a Great Talent

I’ve come across a new artist who’s album is on the way at some point soon, a singer by the name of “fLO”.  fLO has a really interesting upbeat dance tempo to her music.

fLO has a new single out called Digital Seduction which can be downloaded from fLO’s website (see below).

You can find out more about fLO on her website…..

Eminem, Nikki Grier and Dr. Dre – Hell Breaks Loose – Relapse: Refill

A year ago I posted about Nikki Grier, a hot singer/songwriter, who is extremely talented and is working with Dr. Dre on Detox.  Well she’s still working hard and is now featured on Eminem’s re-issue of Relapse… “Relapse: Refill” !!!

The album came out last week, December 21, and Nikki Grier is featured alongside Eminem and Dr. Dre on the track “Hell Breaks Loose”.  This is one of 7 songs that are new on this album, so additional to the original album – click here to read the Independent Newspaper.  Nikki sings on the hook.  Check out the YouTube video below!